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Terms and Conditionsar

These terms and conditions were updated on 15/08/2023. The use of our websites and the purchase and sale of goods on the website are subject to our terms and conditions stated below.

1. Delivery Arrangements

Door delivery belongs to ALTECH TURBINE company. Your order will be delivered to your door. Normal delivery time is three business days, depending on stock availability. We will notify you by email once the box has been shipped or if your order is not in warehouse stock to be shipped within this timescale. If items are temporarily out of stock, we will contact you to choose a full refund or wait a limited time for the item to be shipped when it is back in stock.

2. Garanti

All products are guaranteed by ALTECH TURBINE.
2 Years free product warranty is provided. Customers can also purchase extended product warranties or return options tied to specific products.

3. Your Right to Cancel or Request a Partial Refund

14 days after receiving the ALTECH TURBINE product You have the right to request the return of the product within business days. Provided that the box is not opened. The products are custom-made and packaged with specially designed and non-reusable packaging materials. These high-tech packaging chemicals and equipment can only be used once. For this reason, the company does not accept the return of the product if the box has been opened. The company photographically inspects and inspects returned boxes. Once the order has been shipped from our warehouses or factories, the only way for a refund is to return the boxes to the company. If you have a problem with the product during operation, please contact us. Our support team will investigate the issue and try to find a solution; replacement, partial refund or purchasing new spare parts. We offer exchange options for discounted sales under warranty. ALTECH TURBINE Company has the goal of achieving maximum customer satisfaction. We put in effort and time to make products unique and special for our consumers. Our products have your name tags and unique serial numbers on them (operational test videos are recorded), so it is not possible to send your parcels to other consumers. In case of order cancellation or refund, our technicians repaint and repackage them. As expected this is not environmentally friendly. We charge a 15% cancellation fee for all order cancellations, returns and refunds. We ask that you understand the consequences of these additional production steps.

4. Description of Goods

Our wind turbine systems can only be used as a 'Small Wind Turbine System' (SWTS) to generate power in accordance with EN 61400-2. Our products that can be used for low voltage generation purposes; voltage can be maximized up to 75V with an ALTECH TURBINE Charge Controller. Our wind turbines must always operate with a charge controller. We are constantly improving our technology; Our latest wind turbines can produce more than 100 volts in high winds, some products even at 10 m/s wind speed. ALTECH TURBINE Charge Controller can adjust and limit the output voltage level from 0 to 75 volts. If the inverter option is selected using the button on the ALTECH TURBINE charge controller, there is no maximum voltage limitation. There are labels warning against electrical hazards on our products. We do not accept any liability for health risks associated with the use of electricity. The Company (ALTECH TURBINE) is not responsible for any changes or external damages that may prevent voltage production. While we take great care to ensure that product descriptions, images, information and prices are accurate, we do not accept any liability for any inaccuracies, errors or omissions. We do not accept any liability for any inaccuracies resulting from misuse of ALTECH TURBINE products. No liability is accepted for assembly or modification errors in products delivered disassembled. Due to limitations of internet, software and computer hardware technologies, colors may vary slightly from those shown on the website. In line with our policy of continuous product development, ALTECH TURBINE reserves the right to change, diversify or differentiate product features without prior notice.


5. Payment Methods and Prices


Company,Uses 3rd party secure online payment solutions. You can purchase the products on this site by credit card or bank transfer. For any questions regarding payment, please contact us by filling out the contact forms. All prices are in most common local currencies and credit/debit card transactions for orders outside the country will be automatically converted by the card company at current exchange rates. Prices may change without prior notice due to free market conditions, future purchases of the same product cannot be guaranteed at the same price. Orders are accepted at our sole discretion and we reserve the right to refuse orders without explanation.

6. Sales Tax

a Value Taxes are calculated based on shipping destinations, value added taxes are included in the price. Orders shipped to destinations outside this country may be subject to different local sales tax percentages, customs duties, or additional import taxes. These are not included in our prices and customers are responsible for paying any such taxes or duties outside the country.

7. Trademarks and Copyright


Any use, printing or copying of materials on Company websites and media channels other than browsing or ordering products for unethical purposes is strictly prohibited. Any framing of this website is prohibited. All rights reserved.

8. Security and Privacy Notice


Security is one of our highest priorities and we take every precaution to protect your personal information both online and offline. The information requested to subscribe, register on websites or purchase goods (including your credit/debit card details) is encrypted. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), industry standard 3rd party encryption software. Privacy statements apply only to information collected through company websites. We are committed to protecting your privacy. We or our partners use the information you provide to us to process orders or evaluate which product best suits your needs. We will only use information collected legally and ethically in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. We will not sell, share or rent this information to other vendors except as described in this notice. ALTECH TURBINE does not keep your information about your credit/debit card purchases, all purchases are made through 3rd party online payment systems. For more details, please visit our Privacy Policy and KVKK text.

9. Legal


TDisputes arising from the contracts signed between the parties will be subject to the provisions of the Turkish Code of Obligations. The company headquarters is located in Ankara, Turkey. In international contracts, the company has the right to choose Turkish laws and courts.


10. Communication


The company aims to respond to all contact forms and after-sales support submissions 24 hours a day. You can reach ALTECH TURBINE teams from the website contact pages.

11. Company InformationI


The company offers its products to users 1It aims to deliver to your door within 10 to 10 business days. We produce the products in advance and deliver them to you, our valued users, from our warehouses. If the products are produced in another country instead of our local workshops, our local companies complete the customs and taxes.


Company Mersis Number: 0302-1196-7630-0001

Company Address: Kıbrısköyü Mahallesi 1972.Cadde No:12/A Mamak/ANKARA
Phone: +90 532 308 66 54



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