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Altech Turbine; Turkey's number one Wind Turbine Brand

Sizin Sözlerinizle Altech Turbine

“Our facility is located in Datça. of the company
We use a 4kW wind turbine system. It gave tremendous power to insufficient solar energy panels. Our batteries never discharge, day or night, summer or winter. Additionally, the company protects its property. They have an immediate solution to even the smallest problem...
“I definitely recommend it.”

Dündar U., Datça, TR

“I overcame my prejudice against wind turbines thanks to Altech. They are very attentive and respond quickly. They were very helpful in the supply, installation and subsequent situations of the product. Thanks to the Boreas 4000 I installed in addition to my solar panel system, I eliminated my energy problem with a hybrid system.”

Selim B., Çanakkale, TR

“I bought Boreas6000 3 months ago; It meets my energy needs more than enough. They also act very attentive after the purchase. My neighbors loved the look of the product; It really adds a beautiful look. “I definitely recommend it.”

Emre Y., Antalya, TR

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